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Floor and Space Planning


How will you know how much you can take with you to your new living space?

When moving day comes and the truck is unloaded, it can be unbelievably stressful to discover you have brought too much with you.  It can mean having to abandon or throw out cherished belongings and furniture that you simply don't have room for.   You could also find yourself living in a very over-crowded space which is uncomfortable, confusing, and possibly even dangerous.

Caring Transitions North Central New Jersey can see that it won't happen to you or your loved ones with our custom floor and space planning service!   Here's how:


1) Caring Transitions creates a scaled (CAD) template of the space you will be moving into.

Your new home without your furniture.


2) We then measure the furniture you wish to take in order to enable you to tell us how you would like to see it arranged.



Your furniture: Photographed, Measured & Catalogued


3) We then generate a professional, color-coded, CAD view of how your new living space will look with YOUR furnishings in it!


Your new "Home Sweet Home"


Your floor plans can then be used by movers to expedite the move-in process because they will be able to see exactly where to place everything color coded by room  You'll know before moving day that your new living space will have a layout you have approved, with safe, ample pathways throughout.

Whether you are rightsizing from a house to an apartment or transitioning into an independent or Assisted-living Community, we can help no matter what the size of your new home.

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