"Why" Caring Transitions?

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When most companies ask the “Why” question, they simply want to tell you why you should hire them. In this case, we’d like to discuss a different kind of “why.” We’d like to explain to you, our readers, why we, as owners and employees, choose to run the nation’s largest and most trusted relocation and resale resource, Caring Transitions®.

Caring for Things and their People

Many Caring Transitions owners and employees choose to provide relocation and resale services for older adults because we’ve had firsthand experience helping parents and family members move in later life. We know what it’s like to take time off of work or away from family to visit assisted living communities with mom, or sort through dusty items in the basement. We know how many phone calls it takes to find the right mover, realtor, attorney financial advisor or home care representative.  We know what it’s like to see mom struggle to donate her possessions or watch them being thrown into a dumpster. We’ve packed the contents of our parents’ home only to unpack it all in another smaller, safer home the next day. But more importantly, we’ve experienced firsthand how difficult it was for mom or dad to do all of this while experiencing the loss of a spouse, or the loss of their own independence due to Alzheimer’s disease or other illness.

And so, because of these experiences, we decided to become caregivers. Not just caregivers of people, but “caregivers of things
” our clients’ things.  When Caring Transitions® works with a client, we touch virtually every single item in a person’s home. We either clean it, move it, pack it, donate it or help sell it. This gives us an opportunity to discover the story of our client’s life through the objects in their home. We learn what is important to our customers as we help them decide what to move to a new home. We provide solutions when people become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of their possessions and we help them say goodbye to items less-loved or less useful in their next stage of life. We help customers understand what is worth placing in a sale and respect the value of every possession, whether that value is financial or sentimental.  Virtually every project we accept is personally rewarding in some way.

Ready for the Task

Some characteristics shared by small business owners include, self-reliant, passionate, focused and goal-oriented. We are all of those things and more.  Not only are these ideal characteristics for owners, many of our employees are hired because they have similar qualities. Caring Transitions® manages complex projects for clients and so we have an ideal outlet for our skill set.  We know we have what it takes to run this type of service business well.  We consider our projects successful when they have “positive outcomes,” meaning we ably managed all client projects and the client’s objectives have been met.

As local small business owners we have the desire and motivation to put in the time and effort it takes to get the job done. We know with every customer our reputation is on the line. To protect that reputation, we strive to consistently do the right thing in support of our clients and their families.

Leading an Industry

Caring Transitions® is a new kind of business for a new kind of problem.   As millions of baby boomers grow older, they seek new services to help support aging parents, as well as their own changing lifestyles. In response to that need, Caring Transitions® combined several fledgling service categories into one complete solution that manages everything a client needs in order to move, downsize, declutter, clear out a home or sell their possessions.  We created a broad but flexible menu of services and we didn’t stop there.  Caring Transitions® also focuses on efficiency, ethics, safety and employee education.  We choose to lead, rather than follow the industry with cost estimating technology, our own Online Auction site and the industry’s highest Estate Sale standards. We continually make advancement in training, operation and systems to help reduce consumer costs, and we continually look for new and effective ways to solve our clients’ problems.

In other words, we choose to be with Caring Transitions® because we are proud to be part of an organization with high standards and a clear mission to help consumers.

So next time you see me, please ask me why I do what I do.  There’s more to my story and I’d like to hear about yours as well!
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